module Bio::FlatFileIndex::DEBUG

Module for output debug messages. Default setting: If $DEBUG or $VERBOSE is true, output debug messages to $stderr; Otherwise, don’t output messages.

Public Class Methods

out() click to toggle source

get current debug messeages output destination

    # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/index.rb
424 def self.out
425   @@out
426 end
out=(io) click to toggle source

Set debug messages output destination. If true is given, outputs to $stderr. If nil is given, outputs nothing. This method affects ALL of FlatFileIndex related objects/methods.

    # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/index.rb
411 def self.out=(io)
412   if io then
413     @@out = io
414     @@out = $stderr if io == true
415     @@flag = true
416   else
417     @@out = nil
418     @@flag = nil
419   end
420   @@out
421 end
print(*arg) click to toggle source

prints debug messages