module Bio::NCBI::REST::ESearch::Methods

Search database entries by given keywords using E-Utils (esearch).

sequences = gene + genome + nucleotide + protein + popset + snp
nucleotide = nuccore + nucest + nucgss
pubmed protein nucleotide nuccore nucgss nucest structure genome
books cancerchromosomes cdd gap domains gene genomeprj gensat geo
gds homologene journals mesh ncbisearch nlmcatalog omia omim pmc
popset probe proteinclusters pcassay pccompound pcsubstance snp
taxonomy toolkit unigene unists

Usage"nucleotide", "tardigrada")
Bio::NCBI::REST::ESearch.count("nucleotide", "tardigrada")

Bio::NCBI::REST::ESearch.pubmed("tardigrada", "reldate" => 365)
Bio::NCBI::REST::ESearch.pubmed("mammoth mitochondrial genome")
Bio::NCBI::REST::ESearch.pmc("Indonesian coelacanth genome Latimeria menadoensis")
Bio::NCBI::REST::ESearch.journal("bmc bioinformatics")

ncbi ="nucleotide", "tardigrada")
ncbi.count("nucleotide", "tardigrada")

ncbi.pubmed("tardigrada", "reldate" => 365)
ncbi.pubmed("mammoth mitochondrial genome")
ncbi.pmc("Indonesian coelacanth genome Latimeria menadoensis")
ncbi.journal("bmc bioinformatics")



array of entry IDs or a number of results

Public Instance Methods

count(db, term, hash = {}) click to toggle source

count(“nucleotide”, “tardigrada”) count(“pubmed”, “tardigrada”) count(“journals”, “bmc”)

    # File lib/bio/io/ncbirest.rb
475 def count(db, term, hash = {})
476   opts = { "db" => db }
477   opts.update(hash)
478   Bio::NCBI::REST.esearch_count(term, opts)
479 end
est(*args) click to toggle source

alias for “nucest”

    # File lib/bio/io/ncbirest.rb
498 def est(*args)
499"nucest", *args)
500 end
gss(*args) click to toggle source

alias for “nucgss”

    # File lib/bio/io/ncbirest.rb
503 def gss(*args)
504"nucgss", *args)
505 end
journal(*args) click to toggle source

alias for journals

    # File lib/bio/io/ncbirest.rb
493 def journal(*args)
494"journals", *args)
495 end
method_missing(*args) click to toggle source

nucleotide(“tardigrada”) nucleotide(“tardigrada”, 0) pubmed(“tardigrada”) pubmed(“tardigrada”, 5) pubmed(“tardigrada”, “reldate” => 365) pubmed(“tardigrada”, 5, “reldate” => 365) pubmed(“tardigrada”, {“reldate” => 365}, 5)

    # File lib/bio/io/ncbirest.rb
488 def method_missing(*args)
490 end