module Bio::Alignment::ArrayExtension

Bio::Alignment::ArrayExtension is a set of useful methods for multiple sequence alignment. It is designed to be extended to array objects or included in your own classes which inherit Array. (It can also be included in Array, though not recommended.)

It possesses all methods defined in EnumerableExtension. For usage of methods, please refer to EnumerableExtension.

Public Instance Methods

each_seq() { |seq| ... } click to toggle source

Iterates over each sequences. Yields a sequence.

It works the same as Array#each.

     # File lib/bio/alignment.rb
1344 def each_seq(&block) #:yields: seq
1345   each(&block)
1346 end
number_of_sequences() click to toggle source

Returns number of sequences in this alignment.

     # File lib/bio/alignment.rb
1349 def number_of_sequences
1350   self.size
1351 end