class Bio::FlatFile::Splitter::Template

This is a template of splitter.



the last entry string read from the stream (String)


(end position of the entry) + 1


a flag to write down entry start and end positions


start position of the entry


The last parsed entry read from the stream (entry data class). Note that it is valid only after get_parsed_entry is called, and the get_entry may not affect the parsed_entry attribute.

Public Class Methods

new(klass, bstream) click to toggle source

Creates a new splitter.

   # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/splitter.rb
30 def initialize(klass, bstream)
31   @dbclass = klass
32   @stream = bstream
33   @entry_pos_flag = nil
34 end

Public Instance Methods

get_entry() click to toggle source

Gets entry as a string. (String)

   # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/splitter.rb
47 def get_entry
48   raise NotImplementedError
49 end
get_parsed_entry() click to toggle source

Gets entry as a data class’s object

   # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/splitter.rb
52 def get_parsed_entry
53   ent = get_entry
54   if ent then
55     self.parsed_entry =
56   else
57     self.parsed_entry = ent
58   end
59   parsed_entry
60 end
rewind() click to toggle source

rewind the stream

   # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/splitter.rb
42 def rewind
43   @stream.rewind
44 end
skip_leader() click to toggle source

skips leader of the entry.

   # File lib/bio/io/flatfile/splitter.rb
37 def skip_leader
38   raise NotImplementedError
39 end