class Bio::GFF::GFF2::Record::Value

Stores GFF2 attribute’s value.

Public Class Methods

new(values = []) click to toggle source

Creates a new Value object. Note that the given array values is directly stored in the object.


  • (optional) values: Array containing String objects.


Value object.

    # File lib/bio/db/gff.rb
325 def initialize(values = [])
326   @values = values
327 end

Public Instance Methods

==(other) click to toggle source

Returns true if other == self. Otherwise, returns false.

    # File lib/bio/db/gff.rb
351 def ==(other)
352   return false unless other.kind_of?(self.class) or
353     self.kind_of?(other.class)
354   self.values == other.values rescue super(other)
355 end
Alias for: values
to_s() click to toggle source

Returns string representation of this Value object.



    # File lib/bio/db/gff.rb
332 def to_s
333   @values.collect do |str|
334     escape_gff2_attribute_value(str)
335   end.join(' ')
336 end
values() click to toggle source

Returns all values in this object.

Note that modification of the returned array would affect original Value object.



    # File lib/bio/db/gff.rb
344 def values
345   @values
346 end
Also aliased as: to_a