class Bio::Blast::Bl2seq::Report::Iteration

Bio::Blast::Bl2seq::Report::Iteration stores information about a iteration. Normally, it may contain some Bio::Blast::Bl2seq::Report::Hit objects.

Note that its main existance reason is to keep complatibility between Bio::Blast::Default::Report::* classes.

Public Class Methods

new(data) click to toggle source

Creates a new Iteration object. It is designed to be called only internally from the Bio::Blast::Default::Report class. Users shall not use the method directly.

    # File lib/bio/appl/bl2seq/report.rb
 92 def initialize(data)
 93   @f0stat = []
 94   @f0dbstat = Bio::Blast::Default::Report::AlwaysNil.instance
 95   @hits = []
 96   @num = 1
 97   while r = data[0] and /^\>/ =~ r
 98     @hits <<
 99   end
100 end

Public Instance Methods

hits() click to toggle source

Returns the hits of the iteration. It returns an array of Bio::Blast::Bl2seq::Report::Hit objects.

    # File lib/bio/appl/bl2seq/report.rb
104 def hits; @hits; end