class Bio::PAML::Common


Bio::PAML::Common is a basic wrapper class for PAML programs. The class provides methods for generating the necessary configuration file, and running a program.



Default parameters. Should be redefined in subclass.


Preferred order of parameters.


Default program. Should be redifined in subclass.



the last executed command (Array of String)


the last output to the stdout (String)


the last exit status of the program


the last result of the program (String)


Parameters described in the control file. (Hash) Each key of the hash must be a Symbol object, and each value must be a String object or nil.


Report object created from the last result


contents of supplemental output files (Hash). Each key is a file name and value is content of the file.

Public Class Methods

new(program = nil, params = {}) click to toggle source

Creates a wrapper instance, which will run using the specified binary location or the command in the PATH. If program is specified as nil, DEFAULT_PROGRAM is used. Default parameters are automatically loaded and merged with the specified parameters.


  • (optional) program: path to the program, or command name (String)

  • (optional) params: parameters (Hash)

   # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
73 def initialize(program = nil, params = {})
74   @program = program || self.class::DEFAULT_PROGRAM
75   set_default_parameters
76   self.parameters.update(params)
77 end

Public Instance Methods

dump_parameters() click to toggle source

Shows parameters (content of control file) as a string. The string can be used for control file.


string representation of the parameters (String)

    # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
270 def dump_parameters
272   keys = parameters.keys
273   str = ''
274   keys.sort do |x, y|
275     (keyorder.index(x) || (keyorder.size + keys.index(x))) <=>
276       (keyorder.index(y) || (keyorder.size + keys.index(y)))
277   end.each do |key|
278     value = parameters[key]
279     # Note: spaces are required in both side of the "=".
280     str.concat "#{key.to_s} = #{value.to_s}\n" if value
281   end
282   str
283 end
load_parameters(str) click to toggle source

Loads parameters from the specified string. Note that all previous parameters are erased. Returns the parameters as a hash.


  • (required) str: contents of a PAML control file (String)


parameters (Hash)

    # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
248 def load_parameters(str)
249   hash = {}
250   str.each_line do |line|
251     param, value = parse_parameter(line)
252     hash[param] = value if param
253   end
254   self.parameters = hash
255 end
query(alignment, tree = nil) click to toggle source

Runs the program on the internal parameters with the specified sequence alignment and tree.

Note that parameters and parameters are always modified, and parameters is modified when tree is specified.

To prevent overwrite of existing files by PAML, this method automatically creates a temporary directory and the program is run inside the directory. After the end of the program, the temporary directory is automatically removed.



Report object

    # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
117 def query(alignment, tree = nil)
118   astr = alignment.output(:phylipnon)
119   if tree then
120     tstr = [ sprintf("%3d %2d\n", tree.leaves.size, 1), "\n",
121              tree.output(:newick,
122                          { :indent => false,
123                            :bootstrap_style => :disabled,
124                            :branch_length_style => :disabled })
125            ].join('')
126   else
127     tstr = nil
128   end
129   str = _query_by_string(astr, tstr)
130   @report =
131   @report
132 end
query_by_string(alignment = nil, tree = nil) click to toggle source

Runs the program on the internal parameters with the specified sequence alignment data string and tree data string.

Note that parameters is always modified, and parameters and parameters are modified when alignment and tree are specified respectively.

It raises RuntimeError if seqfile is not specified in the argument or in the parameter.

For other information, see the document of query method.


  • (optional) alignment: String

  • (optional) tree: String or nil


contents of output file (String)

    # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
151 def query_by_string(alignment = nil, tree = nil)
152   _query_by_string(alignment, tree)
153 end
run(control_file) click to toggle source

Runs the program on the parameters in the passed control file. No parameters checks are performed. All internal parameters are ignored and are kept untouched. The output and report attributes are cleared in this method.

Warning about PAML’s behavior: PAML writes supplemental output files in the current directory with fixed file names which can not be changed with parameters or command-line options, for example, rates, rst, and rub. This behavior may ovarwrite existing files, especially previous supplemental results.


  • (optional) control_file: file name of control file (String)


messages printed to the standard output (String)

   # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
95 def run(control_file)
96   exec_local([ control_file ])
97 end
set_default_parameters() click to toggle source

Loads system-wide default parameters. Note that all previous parameters are erased. Returns the parameters as a hash.


parameters (Hash)

    # File lib/bio/appl/paml/common.rb
262 def set_default_parameters
263   self.parameters = self.class::DEFAULT_PARAMETERS.merge(
264 end